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    Бакфаст из США
    VladGorДата: Среда, 08.06.2016, 01:46 | Сообщение # 1
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    Форум о пчелах Бакфаст в США.
    Здесь можно подробнее узнать о Бафасте в Америке
    VladGorДата: Среда, 08.06.2016, 01:48 | Сообщение # 2
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    Click to enlarge LIMITED QUANTITY. R Weaver Buckfast Queen Our signature queen, the R Weaver Buckfast, is another superior bee
    available only at R Weaver Apiaries. In addition to the desirable traits
    of the original Buckfast bee, as developed by Brother Adam, R Weaver
    Buckfast bees also possess a more open brood pattern, are often darker
    in color, and are prolific honey producers. The R Weaver Buckfast is
    also a gentle breed and we at R Weaver Apiaries worked very hard to
    address any past complaints for aggressive behavior. As a result
    negative reports have been dramatically reduced, if not eliminated. Read more about Buckfast bees here.

    Add $1.25 for marking, $1.25 clipping, or $2.00 for both.
    Please add your requested ship date below.
    Before checking out, please read our Ordering Information, Cancel/Refund Policy, and Live Gaurantee.

    We use our own color marking system and do not use the international color codes.

    We use wooden queen cages.

    Queens are available from April until the end of September. We ship by
    UPS 3-DAY SELECT, but for even faster delivery, UPS NEXT DAY and 2-DAY
    is also available.

    For Queen shipments we book orders in advance, send a confirming bill, and require payment in full at the time of booking.
    VladGorДата: Среда, 08.06.2016, 01:50 | Сообщение # 3
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    Available for dispatch during April - September 2016. Marked & Mated Buckfast Queens. We recommend for guaranteed next day arrival to select "Special Delivery" on the shipping page. We cannot be held responsible for loss in transit or delayed delivery if you do not use a guaranteed service.

    Queens will arrive in an introduction cage marked white for 2016 and unclipped. Please note to beginners - you cannot start a colony with a queen only, you require either a full hive, package or a nuc.Queens are only posted Monday-Thursday to avoid being in the post during the weekend. Only queens specified for Saturday delivery
    will be posted Fridays.
     Postage cut off time is 8AM. Orders after this time may be posted the following working day.
    For Saturday Delivery please select "Royal Mail Saturday Guaranteed" in the checkout.
    If you wish your queen to be dispatched on a certain date please select this on the checkout - any special instructions please
    leave in the comments box and remember that all queens require a
    signature on arrival - no exceptions.

    Queens generally can be kept caged safely for about 5 days after arrival when kept in a cool dark place and watered twice a day.

    Special Delivery Next Day before 1pm (£500 Insurance)

    1 - 5 Queens £7.00
    6 - 25 Queens £7.50
    26 - 50 Queens £9.00
    51 - 100 Queens £11.50 Special Delivery Saturday Delivery before 1pm (£500 Insurance)
    1 - 5 Queens £11.00
    6 - 25 Queens £12.00
    26 - 50 Queens £13.50
    £51 - 100 Queens £17.00 First Class Large Letter (1-3 Day Service)
    1 - 5 Queens £2.50

    First Class Parcel (1-3 Day Service)
    6 - 100 Queens £7.00We accept the following payment options – Credit / Debit Card (via Worldpay), Paypal (Debit/Credit Card), Instant Bank Transfer, Card
    over the phone, Cheque (20 days processing time) & Barclays PingIt.Provided with instructions for successful introduction**, see the product videos above for a more detailed installation guide.
    Imported from Greece / ItalyThe Buckfast bee is a honey bee a cross of many species of bees into a stable race developed by "Brother Adam", (born Karl Kehrle on 3 August
    1898 in Germany), who was in charge of beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey,
    where the bees are still bred today.

    In the early 20th century bee populations were being decimated by Isle of Wight disease. This
    condition, later called "acarine" disease, after the acarine parasitic
    mite that invaded the bees' tracheal tubes and shortened their lives,
    was killing off thousands of colonies in the British Isles in the early
    part of the 20th century.

    In 1916, Brother Adam discovered a feral colony which was a hybrid between A.m. ligurica (North Italian)
    and A.m. mellifera (English). Brother Adam collected the bees and from
    this began to develop what would come to be known as the Buckfast bee.

    The Buckfast bee is popular among beekeepers and is available from bee
    breeders in Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, and more. Most
    of the Buckfast bee's qualities are very favorable. They are extremely
    gentle and highly productive. Brother Adam, in his book, Beekeeping at
    Buckfast Abbey writes that in 1920 they obtained "an average of no less
    than 192 lbs surplus per colony and individual yields exceeding 3 cwt
    [approx. 336 lbs]." In the 1986 BBC-affiliated documentary, The Monk and
    the Honey Bee, more than 400 pounds of honey are reported to have been
    produced by a single Buckfast colony. According to Brother Adam, "The
    average annual honey yield over the last thirty years has been 30 kg (66
    lb.) per colony. Thus we have a favourable balance compared with the
    average production in America or in Europe.

    *Only shipped next day if instant payment such as bank transfer or paypal is used. Cheques
    need to be cleared prior to post. Postage cut off time is 8am Monday-Friday.
    **Successful introduction is never guaranteed, unfortutently this is nature.
    VladGorДата: Среда, 08.06.2016, 01:55 | Сообщение # 4
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    To be kept up to date with all events at Buckfast Abbey, please see the News & Events pages by clicking here.In common with other monasteries of the medieval period, it is likely that bees were kept at Buckfast in those days, though we have no
    records to prove it. Monasteries often kept bees as a valuable source of
    sugar and also wax for making candles.
    What we do know is that, from soon after the re-foundation of the monastery in 1882, bees have been
    kept at the Abbey. Two monks who were involved, and contributed to the
    beekeeping journals of the time, were Fr. Maurus Masse and Br. Columban

    Early in the twentieth century, one of the youngsters who came to Buckfast from Germany with a view to joining the community was
    assigned to assist Br. Columban. This was Br. Adam Kehrle. He began
    helping Br. Columban at the tender age of twelve, but he was destined to
    continue working with the bees for over seventy eight years and to
    become an international authority in the field.

    Soon after Br. Adam joined Brother Columban, thirty out of the Abbey's forty-six
    colonies were wiped out by a disease known as Acarine. All of the bees
    that died were of the native British black bee variety. This bee was
    renowned for being hardy, but somewhat ill-tempered. The bees that
    survived the outbreak were all of Italian origin.

    In 1919, after Brother Columban retired, Brother Adam was put in charge of the bees,
    and he set about rebuilding the colonies. His intention was to use
    cross-breeding to develop a new bee which would be hardy like the black
    bee, but disease-resistant like the Italian bee, and a good honey
    Brother Adam made extensive journeys all over the world to get breeding stock. He concentrated on countries with a distinct
    indigenous race of bees, going chiefly to isolated country regions where
    the purity of the native strains had been maintained. He even went to
    the Sahara. Over the years, he travelled more than 100,000 miles in
    search of bees.

    The result of all these travels, as well as many years of patient experiment at the breeding station on Dartmoor, was the
    Buckfast Bee™. This bee is a good pollen gatherer, and is normally
    gentle. It also has a lower tendency to swarm than many other varieties,
    and is resistant to Acarine
    Buckfast queens are now kept by beekeepers all over the world. Brother Adam wrote three books about the
    Buckfast Bee™, including "In Search of the Best Strains of Bees" (1983),
    and "Beekeeping at Buckfast" (1975). In 1974, he was awarded the O.B.E.
    for his work. Brother Adam's books can purchased via the bookshop.

    Br. Adam resigned from the Bee Department at the age of 93. He died in 1996 in his 99th year.
    The Buckfast apiaries continue to thrive today. Until recently they were
     under the management of Dr. Dhafer Behnam. He came from Iraq and
    brought the experience he gained from running and breeding a large
    number of colonies in Baghdad. Besides his academic knowledge in natural
    science with a degree in medicine and specialization in skin diseases,
    he was also trained in Germany to manage honeybee pathology. His
    experience was boosted when he worked as a consultant for the FAO and
    WFP of the United Nations.In 2010 the emphasis of the Buckfast Bee Department switched to education, particularly on teaching beekeepers and running courses
    for those who wish to start beekeeping or learn about bees. A Community
    Apiary scheme has been developed with the intention of opening up
    beekeeping to all. For more information please email
    bees@buckfast.org.ukFor further details visit our Bee Keeping Courses.To be kept up to date with all events at Buckfast Abbey, please see the News & Events pages by clicking here.
    VladGorДата: Среда, 08.06.2016, 01:57 | Сообщение # 5
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    hive inspection buckfast bees after 4 days

    VladGorДата: Среда, 08.06.2016, 02:00 | Сообщение # 6
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    Visit on a Buckfast station in the woods at Zealand, Denmark. Take a look at the harvest with Buckfast

    VladGorДата: Среда, 08.06.2016, 02:01 | Сообщение # 7
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    Buckfast bees

    VladGorДата: Среда, 08.06.2016, 02:02 | Сообщение # 8
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    Spring 2015 Bee Packages (Carniolan and Buckfast Queens)

    VladGorДата: Среда, 08.06.2016, 02:10 | Сообщение # 9
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    How to Set Up a New Beehive - Buckfast Bees

    VladGorДата: Среда, 08.06.2016, 02:10 | Сообщение # 10
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    Buckfast - The Honeybee

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